Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Pre-makeup for summer!

Some people refuse not leaving the house without any makeup on, which is awesome. To keep those makeup looks long lasting here are some pre-makeup tips. Do you ever wonder why your pre-makeup routine is an important step to having long lasting makeup throughout the day? Having your skin prepped before applying your makeup  allows you to use less makeup product and can give your makeup look a luminous glow.
Blemishes hyperpigmentation, redness and dullness can be minimized by having a good pre-makeup routine. Not having to cover up all types of skin problem listed above will save you product in the long run.  Makeup is used to enhance what you already have, not to cover up what you don't want . Here are some pre-makeup essentials to help give that summer makeup look a lasting glow.
A facial cleanser that caters to your skins' needs such makeup removal or a gentle cleanser is best used with non harsh ingredients sch as heavy fragrances and scents.

A facial toner will  bring balance skin's pH levels after cleansing and helps for better absorption of other ingredients.
A serum helps to provide hydration or to improve appearance of skin.
 An acne treatment makes  acne prone skin  less visible with ingredients such as salicylic acid.
A Moisturizer  helps to seal in the moisture on the skin's surface which prevents excessive oil production or dryness.
Sunscreen helps to protect skin against harmful sun rays. There are moisturizers that contain SPF  but it is best to use it separately to get more of an effective result. If a moisturizer's main focus is to keep skin moisturized then its primary focus won't be to protect against UV rays.

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