Saturday, September 14, 2019

A truly hydrating formula!

Needed a lip balm to hydrate dry lips and came across Nivea's 24 h pearly shine Tinted shimmer lip balm. This super smooth, so soft formula that Nivea has created for this lip balm truly does the job of leaving lips pampered and well hydrated. Would  recommend as a lip balm for every day. Not only does it come in neutral shades it comes in this light pink pearl shade which is the one that has ingredients that allows it to be non sticky. Sometimes there are formulas, especially back in the day where lip gloss would give you a glossy finish, but would not feel as pleasant on the lips as a simple tinted lip balm would. Also those lip glosses would stick to everything. From your hair to anything really..

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Be Bold. Be Creative!

As of now it is 2019 the month of September, and so many doors have been opened to opportunities for a young female based in the inspiring city in the GTA. For decades there have been endless beauty brands that have never offered a shade range in concealer and other products suitable for deeper toned beauties. Now a days there is a makeup line drop every other month or so it seems. Offering shade ranges that are inclusive to different target audiences.

This no longer comes as a shock factor. You, as a makeup brand choose to be inclusive, or not inclusive. Gone are the memories where searching for a match in concealer is like looking for a needle in a hay stack. Looking through isles upon isles of beauty products only to find one that you settle on that is a half decent match to not only your skin tone but as well as your undertone. First world problems it may seem like. As a beauty product junkie, this is the time to celebrate and embrace the fact that through art, freedom of expression is the now. Despite obvious pandering, be bold and choose creativity.

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Saturday, September 7, 2019


Looking after my mental health has been the reason for my absence. Taking care of what is important, weather it be physical (I have adult asthma as well) or psychological , usually stated as a mental health break. And no, I am not in a dark place, because the electricity is functioning well at my place thank you. Being able to grow as an individual in a world where being asked what your job title is or how much you have been banking. It all can not come to fruition if your well being is not being looked after. As a 29 year old human female that is all that mattered to me. Some may call it being selfish , but I View it as this. You can not pour from an empty cup. My cup was almost empty. But now I can look at the world through an optimistic lense. The cup half full as the saying goes...