Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Written In the stars!

The cold weather is about to come to reality in this city we call multicultural. The city of Toronto. When this time of year comes around a huge focus is always on ashy hands. To combat dry hands, search for an intensive moisture rich product containing she butter is a go to. In the stars shea butter hand cream is travel sized, so it is good for on the go trips you have for the day. Shea butter has moisture intensive properties that help skin feel soft and look hydrated.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

What not to look for in beauty products

What Not To Look For In your Beauty products.

Here we look at two commonly used ingredients used in beauty products that can be counter productive with the results you as a consumer are trying to achieve.

1. Sodium Laureth Sulfate

This ingredient is very popular among the beauty product world. It can be a harsh chemical that can cause breakouts. Especially if it is found within the first ten ingredients of the beauty product. How it works is when it strips your skin of its natural oils. This then allows your skin to overcompensate on sebum (one of your natural oils) making the skin oily which cases breakouts eventually.

2. A Scented or Fragranced  ingredient.

Any type of heavily scented product can be a skin irritant. Depending on how sensitive your skin type is, products with fragrance added in the first 10 ingriedients is what should be looked out for.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

A truly hydrating formula!

Needed a lip balm to hydrate dry lips and came across Nivea's 24 h pearly shine Tinted shimmer lip balm. This super smooth, so soft formula that Nivea has created for this lip balm truly does the job of leaving lips pampered and well hydrated. Would  recommend as a lip balm for every day. Not only does it come in neutral shades it comes in this light pink pearl shade which is the one that has ingredients that allows it to be non sticky. Sometimes there are formulas, especially back in the day where lip gloss would give you a glossy finish, but would not feel as pleasant on the lips as a simple tinted lip balm would. Also those lip glosses would stick to everything. From your hair to anything really..