Having a good regimen in place allows for healthy hair to remain moisturized and to retain the length.

My night time detangling routine is something that affects my hair style the next morning. If I were to style my hair the morning of, then I probably would not reach my destination on time!

The tools that I use to detangle my hair are a wide tooth comb, a spray bottle filled with my homemade detangling spray, Gosh's intense hair mask, a scarf and finally an old cotton T-shirt.

Right after a hair rinse I use an old T-shirt to absorb excess water from my hair and to prevent my hair from getting overly frizzy.

Then on my semi-damp hair, I use a conditioning spray to add penetrating oils and humectants to keep my hair moisturized. 


My hair gets super dry because of my curl pattern which is why I then use a conditioning cream to add  extra moisture and shine, and also to make the detangling process a short one.

 Using a detangling comb to detangle my hair from my roots to the middle of my strands, and  working my way from the bottom to the middle I avoid going over the ends of my hair less frequently to prevent breakage.

Once my hair has been fully moisturized and detangled, I tie an old t-shirt from Walmart or something over my head to prevent my hair from becoming frizzy. Thanks for reading :)


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