Monday, May 14, 2018

How long it takes to see results from your skin care regimen.

You might be a product junkie, following the trends of skin care on social media and may get impatient when it comes to finding the right skin care regimen that works for you. It's exciting when a new product comes onto the market with wild claims to promising solutions to all of your skin care situations, including hyperpigmentation, acne scars, redness and more. However hearing about products that work well for others don't always mean they will work for you. Everyone is different.

So instead of switching up products every few weeks or so, allow your skin to adapt to whichever
product you're using for at least 3 months.
Why three months? There are many factors including weather, hormones and skin sensitivity that have an affect on the results you are trying to achieve.  For example, you may be doing a ten step daily skin care routine with products saying they will help with discoloration. The products are probably helping to treat discoloration, but  may not be addressing the cause of discoloration.
The sun is a factor in skin discoloration. Using sunscreen will help tremendously if you are constantly being exposed to the sun, even during winter seasons. Also sensitivity may not always be noticeable right away and be developed over time. Strong fragrances can  make skin irritable and will be noticeable after some time.   Finally hydration is the most important step of a skin care regimen. topical products won't measure up to the replenishing and detoxifying with water which gives your skin a glow.
When you have found the cause of a the skin condition you then  address it by eliminating or reducing the factor and follow up with treating the condition which  will show results in what you are trying to achieve with your skin care regimen.

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