Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Are facial mists the same as facial toners?

As for some who believe that facial toners and facial mists are overpriced water  it should be kept in mind that beauty items work best together as a whole to give the best results that one ingredient alone cannot.
So, are both products the same? Not exactly. Facial toners are different from facial mists because a facial toner gives the best results if used after cleansing with your favorite cleanser. Its purpose is to remove any cleanser that was left behind after rinsing your face, and also to remove dead skin cells and makeup that has been left behind. Its other use is to balance the pH level on the surface of the skin and to make pores appear smaller.

The previous blog post shows how you can have the most effective result using a facial toner.A facial mist is similar to a toner  where it is used for anything from refreshing the face, adding moisture or to allow your  makeup to have a longer lasting wear. The difference is that toners allow serums and treatments to be absorbed better while also balancing your skins pH level. On the other hand a facial mist hydrates and isn't usually used to remove makeup but to add layers of hydration between applying moisturizer or makeup. The consistency is usually light and liquid like. Look for ingredients such as green tea extract or cucumber extract to help improve the appearance of pores and for good hydration.

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