Thursday, May 24, 2018

How to reduce oily/shiny makeup appearance throughout the day!

While looking at makeup lines that do cater towards a much broader spectrum of shades and complexions, it can be an exciting journey to have the freedom to choose the best option  that caters to our skin type. From oily, to dry a major factor that affects how makeup will look wearing it throughout the day is the type of skin care regimen you decided to follow and if you're using a primer.

Makeup can appear oily if you've decided to skip applying a primer before applying your makeup. It helps makeup appear smoother and less shiny/oily throughout the day allowing makeup to look mattifying.

Brands to look for when searching for shades with a variety of undertones are listed below.

Collections to look for when searching for a good selection of primers are below

Another tip to watch out for are makeup or skin care products that don't go with your skin type. In the case of  oily or oily combination skin types, a heavy or cream based product can make makeup appear oilier.

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