Thursday, May 25, 2017

Reasons to keep your Bea@uty regimen going!

Now a days there are many social media sites buzzing about how a product might not work for them, or that it may  be pricey  but forget all of that. A product is as good as how well a routine you decide to set for yourself. So let us get straight to it !

Caking on the makeup, but forgetting to set up your beauty routine as you prepare for the next day.
Caking it on may be fun at first, but forgetting to take off that caked up face is the after fun! And no. Solely using makeup wipes and removers are not going to cut it! Instead try massaging a cleansing oil into the palm of your hand then massage into dry skin followed by rinsing it off. This massaging motion allows for new cells to surface your skin it also helps rid the oils and dirt on your skin. Then use any trusty reliable makeup wipes or remover you may have on hand, which is the second part of the cleansing routine.  You can go further into your routine it all depends on you and your skin type.

It is way over my beauty budget. The best products are always on hand. Look around you, your beauty cleansing oil could be a regular jar of coconut oil which can be used for almost anything . From using it as an alternative for cooking oil , body oil and some may use is as a moisturizer for their hair!

All in one beauty products.
if  your beauty products can multi-task then good for you, it may save time and money in your beauty routine. But if it's too good to be true then it might as well be! So, set that beauty routine and don't forget it !
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