Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Make your style the buzz of the season!

Spring is in so step into your new wardrobe! Key pieces that standout  will give that casual style of yours a lasting impression that people will buzz about. Below are a few key pieces from this season that could be added to your look this season.

Find the perfect shoe that will allow for comfort and style.

All things airy and bright! Any pair of shoes without any strings attached! Why be strapped down this season? When a pair of nude or bright slip on shoes will do trick?

Dress up your everyday casual look. A great known look is the simple yet classy T-shirt and jeans, slip on an airy top and go ahead and catch some wonderful sun rays on this season!

Don't forget those shades! The sun will come out, and your always ready to take on the day with a lovely pair of shades.

Keep calm, pack light and carry on! Who wants to be  dragged down by so much baggage? A light cream coloured cross body bag will lighten up your spring wardrobe.

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