Sunday, October 20, 2019

Product empty of the month

As mentioned in previous blog posts time and time again, a go to hair product for length retention is the deep conditioner. Finding a deep conditioner that works for you is part of the holy grail hair care routine. When you look for a deep conditioner, look for something that has lots of slip. What this does is to allow the detangling process to go smoothly. An effective way to use your deep conditioning is with a heat cap. The heat cap allows the hair to absorb the deep conditioner much better than without it. Gone are the days where shampoo and conditioner was what the majority was used to. Where the deep conditioner was not part of the hair care process, now is the time to think about which one works well with your hair care routine.

The product empty of the month is the mixed chicks deep conditioner. This conditioner has good slip. It also allows the hair to be well hydrated, and to soften hair strands.

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