Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Be Bold. Be Creative!

As of now it is 2019 the month of September, and so many doors have been opened to opportunities for a young female based in the inspiring city in the GTA. For decades there have been endless beauty brands that have never offered a shade range in concealer and other products suitable for deeper toned beauties. Now a days there is a makeup line drop every other month or so it seems. Offering shade ranges that are inclusive to different target audiences.

This no longer comes as a shock factor. You, as a makeup brand choose to be inclusive, or not inclusive. Gone are the memories where searching for a match in concealer is like looking for a needle in a hay stack. Looking through isles upon isles of beauty products only to find one that you settle on that is a half decent match to not only your skin tone but as well as your undertone. First world problems it may seem like. As a beauty product junkie, this is the time to celebrate and embrace the fact that through art, freedom of expression is the now. Despite obvious pandering, be bold and choose creativity.

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