Sunday, July 29, 2018

Why reading is important for self development

Why reading is important for self development.

Are you labelled the bookworm of the bunch? Here is how reading should always be a part of everyday learning. Just half an hour everyday changed not only the views on work life balance, but also on self awareness itself. Sure there is school where learning involves someone teaching a subject to you in class.
 At the end of the day how much of what you've learned in school will you incorporate into your career?
Going back to the point on self awareness and self development, it is just as if not more important to develop a habit where learning will be a part of everyday life. Once it becomes a habit where learning from reading on your own time, it sparks inspiration. Inspiration is a drive for motivation. So no matter the genre of the book you are reading just be prepared to be inspired.  Reading and learning doesn't have to end once school and class ends.

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