Friday, June 2, 2017

Why micellar water should not replace your beauty routine.

I find micellar water works as well as it does because it is made with tiny micelle molecules which act as a mild surfactant. Surfactants can also be found in various beauty cleansing products, although they are not as gentle on the skin.  

Think of micellar water as a pre step to your beauty routine. For a simplified version of a beauty routine click HERE. If you are an avid makeup user, before you do your cleansing beauty routine you  may use micellar water to take most of your makeup off.

Some may say that by using micellar water it can replace your whole beauty routine. That may not be true, because it may be able to take off most of your makeup, but it certainly will not work as well as doing a full beauty cleansing routine because there may be build of oil and dirt on your skin. This can lead to black heads or dry patches.

Other ways you can use micellar water is if you are going to travel, it can be used to replace your makeup wipes. This is what micellar water can replace. It saves you money as well where you get more use of the product for a longer length of time.

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