Friday, July 22, 2016


Often times the best beauty advice comes from our female relatives who actually have more experience with skin care than we tend to believe. While a new trending item on the market may be fun to try out, consistency is key when it comes to flawless skin. 

My current routine consists of using makeup wipes to remove excess makeup from my face which is followed by a cleanser that is in cohesive with a brush to really get a deeply cleansed face. My new favorite type of method to help with my clog pores is by using a peel off mask that can really help with getting rid of dead skin cells white/blackhead that always clogs my pores. Any type of facial mask with activated charcoal can help to draw out impurities from the face and still leave it feeling soft and moisturized. And finally  following up with a moisturizer.

Sometime I have to play with the type of moisturizer that I use. Oily combination skin can be a bit tricky when it comes to facial moisturizers but sticking to a light weight gel like consistency formula works best for me.   Knowing which product works for you can help but keeping it consistent is key to flawless looking skin. Also making sure that your bedding (ie, pillows and pillowcase ) are clean , not constantly touching your face, as my grandmother would tell me. And to always getting the most benefit out of any product starts with a properly cleansed face. Try to steam your face to open up pores before  you apply overnight serums and treatments to the skin.

During the day using a lightweight sunscreen for the face can help with hyper pigmentation. Staying hydrated always help with skin cell production and remember to treat your skin with gentle care.

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