Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Beauty reminders, small changes overtime can result to an even skin tone!

Here are my Skin Care Journal Updates
My ongoing skin care battles are hyperpigmentation, common breakouts, and my ph. balance in general.

My skin type is combination, meaning my forehead and nose and chin (where I do get breakouts) are oily, and the rest of my face has hyperpigmentation and is dry and sometimes flakey during the dry winter seasons.

My plan is to have a beauty regimen on a budget, and then to compare six months results of drugstore products to six months result of high end products. I’m also not going to be using heavy makeup throughout the whole time period of this project. Makeup will be light, only focusing on lips eyes and eyebrows.

My reason for the beauty budget is to have my lifestyle, which includes everything from health, home, and beauty care fit within my financial budget which to me equals happiness.

Trying out and searching for the right skin care products can be fun, but I’ve found that allowing a routine to slowly work its magic overtime is even better. Because of the drying winter season that I’m currently experiencing, the small changes that I’ve decided to make are to stay hydrated through snacking on freshly cut fruit salads, basically any type of fruit I can get my hands on instead of reaching for my usual salty crunchy snack cravings. And to keep my makeup light, my skin may thank me for it.  


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