Friday, May 29, 2015

What Facial Masks Can Do For You?

 Whether you have dry skin, normal skin or oily skin, there is a facial masks that can work for you!

Properties that should be looked for when finding  a great facial mask are ingredients that will soothe, exfoliate, hydrate and to tone dry, combination, oily skin types.

Examples of beneficial ingredients for natural facial masks are honey which can hydrate skin, aloe which can soothe skin, baking soda which can exfoliate and clay masks can draw out impurities with combination oily skin.

Dry skin can benefit from masks that have good ingredients like honey which can hydrate and moisturize dry to normal skin types.

Hyper pigmentation/oily skin can benefit from clay masks. These types of masks can help to draw out impurities from skin without over drying oily skin.  Clay masks can be used to exfoliate skin, and to increase blood flow and strengthen connective skin tissue. Ingredients that are found in clay masks such as silica can help acne prone skin.

While there are many types of masks out there on the market today, how you use any product will give you the best results. Although store bought masks have directions to follow, it may be most likely that you will want to get creative and try homemade recipes  Always start with a freshly cleansed face.

Try out these simple do it yourself clay masks!

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