Tuesday, November 18, 2014

3 useful ways to incorporate teas into your everday diet.!

<a href="http://e60938ncqi-7dlbuuj7frflt94.hop.clickbank.net/?tid=BLOG" target="_top">Click Here!</a>Whether it is a tea to sustain your energy, help with bloating or to just keep your metabolism going a good cup of tea added to your healthy diet can help you with your healthy lifestyle!

Can’t fathom the idea of having an all liquid detox diet, then try a tea detox instead.
So if you’re someone who will go for that third or fourth cup of coffee in the afternoon,
 (like myself). What that really is doing to our bodies is setting it up for an energy crash. Which will eventually lead to cravings.

 Instead try a tea that will pick you up. Unlike your regular cup of Joe which may be overpowering with caffeine, black tea can regulate blood flow to your brain and helps with your metabolism. Black teas has a type of antioxidant that aren’t found in the fruits and vegetables that we consume every day. Poly-phenols help repair damage DNA damage caused by every day toxins we come in contact with every day like pollution or tobacco.

A wonderful Detox Herbal Teas would be a green-tea that contains ginger root. This helps with bloating and digestion. An effective way to speed up your metabolism is by choosing a tea that has the senna leaf in the ingredients list of your tea. I helps your body with its toxin elimination process. To avoid abnormal colon function, senna must only be used within a fourteen day period. 

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