Friday, October 31, 2014


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1. Physical packaging- what’s the most beneficial for       
    your skin care products.
  • avoid jar packaging. The most essential ingredients are easily broken down when they come in contact with air light and bacteria.
  • Properly formulated products contain skin care ingredients like glycerin, vitamin C &others. Packaging that protect unstable beneficial ingredients are packaging that are opaque bottles that come in a pump or tubes, which  will limit your serums, creams & lotions from being exposed to light air and bacteria.    
2.  Fragrances and skin irritants
  • fragrances can cause your skin to be irritated. It should not be at the top of your ingredients list because ingredients listed on the top of any products ingredients list are the most concentrated.
  • Holding true  for irritants contained within acne treatments where there is a tingling feeling once applied to your face. I’m not sure where the idea comes from to believe that a cosmetic product is working when there is a tingling feeling. This only causes more blemishes to appear.
3.  Mix drugstore and brand name products
  • purchase products that are most beneficial to you. That being said, companies typically make high and low end versions of their products. Not all high end products work the same for everybody which in vice verse goes for low end products
4.  Put your undesired products to use!
  • unfortunately there will be those moments when you find that that overrated products being pushed by ‘beauty gurus’ aren’t all the hype. Especially when we choose to buy them online and samples aren’t there for us to test it out before we make a purchase. 
  • However, they may come in handy to clean you beauty tools such as hair and makeup brush.
5.  The show and tell of your cosmetics label
  • Typically, on the front of the package there is the brands’ name and it will state the purpose of its use. Don’t completely ignore the front because it must be consistent to what is in the ingredients list. This states how it may help the problems you may be facing such as acne, blemishes or sun damaged skin. 
  • Reading from the top of the ingredients list will let you know how much of the ingredient is contained in it.

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