Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hair Care Review

With all the brands that are being offered in the hair category today it can be a challenge to find what really works for you hair care needs. On many occasions you probably walk into the drug store and stare at the array of shampoos and conditioners for five minutes before realizing that most of them are more or less the same concoction. And you may wonder if any will actually do what the actual description on the bottle says it’s going to do.
At least I do anyway. I was on the hunt to find a deep conditioner that would put the moisture and shine back into my hair, because my hair is, yup you guessed it, naturally dull and dry. At first I recognized a brand that most beauty ‘gurus’ were raving about, even today and realized that it was way out of my price range. Although it was very tempting to buy the Wen Intensive Hair mask at Sephora for $72, I had to open my mind to find what works within my $20 budget. So I went to a drug store intead.
I opted for a product that contained argon oil in it. Argon oil is used in hair products to help the hair feel softer. So I decided to try the GOSH argon oil intense mask which was a deep conditioner that claims to provide intense moisture for hair. It was a thick creamy consistency, sort of like vanilla pudding, and the scent was a floral clean nutty smell. It smelt great!  So the first time I used it I decided to leave it in my hair for one hour , after I had washed my hair.  I found the results that I got did come through by what the label had said. My hair felt softer and well moisturized. It also looked noticeably shinier. The best part was that it fit well within my budget. It was on sale for $ 6.99 at the time I bought it. There was about 5.9 FL. OZ. I was definitely a happy customer after that.
So it just goes to show that you don’t really need to spend a crazy amount of money on products that work! Whenever looking for beneficial hair products always look for key ingredients that will help. For example if your hair is usually dull, like mine, focus on ingredients like oils and butters that will penetrate the hair shaft to give you that healthy shine.

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