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How to Clear Up Your Acne

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Do you suffer from acne? Is nothing that you are trying seeming to work? Are you sick of wasting money on products that are doing nothing for you? If so, keep reading to discover an acne clearing method that is inexpensive, yet effective.


  1. Purchase, if you do not already own these items. A bar of Dove soap (original or sensitive skin), and Clean & Clear dual action face moisturizer. This moisturizer is good because it keeps your skin from drying out, but it will not cause you to break out. It has 0.5 percent salicylic acid in it, which kills acne bacteria on your skin and prevents it from coming back. It works for sensitive skin, too.
  2. Use this daily routine:
    • When you wake up: Believe it or not, over washing your face will cause it to produce more oils, creating more acne. You should not wash your face in the morning. If your skin looks greasy when you wake up, just splash it with water, otherwise, just use the Clean & Clear dual action moisturizer.
    • During the day: Try not to touch your face. This can cause the spread of oils and bacteria, which causes more acne. Also, drink plenty of water. Your diet affects the health of your skin. After all, your skin is an organ.
    • When you go to sleep: If you are wearing makeup, take it off with oil-free makeup remover. Then, run your hands under warm water. Take the bar of Dove soap and rub it between your hands until it coats your hands in the white, foamy soap. Then wash your face. Rinse off the soap with cooler water. This closes your pores, making them appear smaller and prevents bacteria from entering them. Pat dry your face with a clean towel. Do not rub. Then use the Clean & Clear face moisturizer.

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  • Drink plenty of water. It is excellent for your skin's health.
  • If you want to cover up your acne during the day, Revlon Color Stay foundation would be a good choice, for oily/combination skin. It will not cause you to break out, and it has great coverage.
  • Give it time to clear up. It will not happen overnight, but it will happen quickly.
  • This routine helps clear up acne because it does not use harsh, unnecessary chemicals that commonly do more harm than help.
  • If you have cystic or severe acne and this routine does not help as much as you would like it to, talk to a dermatologist or your doctor for a stronger acne treatment.


  • Do not wash your face without moisturizing. It will cause it to produce more oil, causing acne.

Things You'll Need

  • Dove soap bar (original or sensitive skin)
  • Clean & Clear Dual Action moisturizer
  • Clean towel
  • Water
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