Saturday, March 9, 2013

Hair Journal

By Hairfully

Maintaining healthy hair is a goal many want to achieve, however it can be a confusing process to some. Most hair care products contain drying ingredients such as alcohol, and sulfates, which can lead to hair breakage. So how can one prevent hair breakage? To avoid excessive breakage you must keep in mind that hair needs to retain moisture. By using a shampoo that is silicone free, and a conditioner that is sulfate free which will minimize hair breakage.

Silicone, which is found in most hair care products, is used to close the hair cuticles. This works best to lock in moisture, but there is a downside. It also blocks out moisture. If you want to find an alcohol free hair product, making something homemade would work best.  A home-made ph balanced conditioner can be simple to make.

Here is a recipe for dry hair

You’ll need:

2 TBS of a sulfate free conditioner

2 TBS of aloe Vera juice

2 TSP of castor oil

2 TSP of jojoba oil

Mix all ingredients in a bowl.

For hair that is not dry, leave out the castor oil.

This conditioner will not only moisturize the hair, it will stimulate hair growth.

Refrigerate any leftover conditioner.

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